A poem about finding what unites us and exactly where do we belong

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At times we belong due to the colour of our complexion
but at times, the exact shade can be the cause of rejection

At times we belong due to the languages we speak
but at times our accents portray us being weak

At times we belong due to the clothes we wear
but at times these attract rather unfriendly stare

At times we belong due to our faith or religion
but some use it as a source of great division

So where do we belong? what do we call home?
where all are equal, like the teeth of a comb

We belong as human, being kind to other human
same red blood, in which there is no confusion!



A feeling describing the after effects of pain, grief, betrayal and loss.

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There is a storm outside
Chaotic hail and wind
Gush of throbbing force
To rip apart everything…

Fear of roof collapsing
Maybe windows shattering
Anticipation keeps me
Awake at night…

I drew back the curtains
To assess the damage
Nothing…the storm
Was actually within…





The Blessings of maternal love

Photo by James Wheeler on Unsplash

Her scent I smell
Ailments vanish

She calls my name
Hope blossoms

Dig in her eyes
Sea of love

Her genuine embrace
Heart of warmth

Sacrifice her desires
Us to smile



Fighting the real battle with ourselves

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Taliban return, but let it not ignite
Internal hate and endless fight

No faith exists to cause us pain
Or torture others for personal gain

So, don’t inhale Islamophobic fume
Pause, reflect on what you assume

Negative thoughts we must shun
‘Love for all, hatred for None’




A ray of hope in the darkness

Photo by Hemendra Ahuja on Unsplash

When eyes are filled and heart is aching
Broken to the core and still further breaking

Request patience to stay
and know all will be okay

When desires are lost and despair is arising
Others quell your hopes but call it advising

Hope you must display
and know all will be okay

When you doubt if God is even listening
Is He really powerful and ever glistening

With enhanced certainty pray
and know all will be okay

When the world is alluding to your ending
No arms of solace you observe extending

Ignore, Smile and say Hooray!
this is how you make it all okay!



Najm Writes

Najm Writes

aspiring to bring people back to humanity, roots and faith!